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However, CBD relieves insomnia and irregular sleep-wake patterns, while promoting the human body's natural R.E.M cycle, giving you that restful sleep you've been waiting for.

We believe in solving problems -- not masking them. Our mission is to provide sleep disorder patients all across america with a solution to their sleepless nights, without prescribing psychoactive pharmaceuticals that bear high addiction potentials and long lists of side effects.

70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder. Sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common and so have pharmaceuticals marketed to treat such problems. Sleep is important, but not just any sleep. Sleep that occurs while under the influence of your average sleeping pill will not allow the human body to fall into natural patterns of deep R.E.M. 

Our Mission

REM sleep:

A period of sleep during which dreaming takes place, characterized by rapid periodic twitching movements of the eyemuscles and other physiological changes, such as accelerated respiration and heart rate, increased brain activity, andmuscle relaxation. REM sleep is the fifth and last stage of sleep that occurs in the sleep cycle, preceded by four stagesof non-REM sleep. Also called paradoxical sleep.
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